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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Letter from Dr. Gearing (8.13.13)     Letter from Dr. Gearing (Spanish)
BYOD FAQs (Updated 8.15.13)
"Use of Personal Electronic Devices and Software" (DSISD Operating Procedure)

Dripping Springs ISD (DSISD) is working to provide all our students with technology-enriched learning.  The current generation of students has grown up with technology and wants to use it in every aspect of their daily lives — including school.  They have an expectation that the same technology they use at home will be available at school.  DSISD has invested heavily in classroom and mobile learning technologies, recognizing this demand and trying to meet it. Understandably, it is a significant challenge to keep pace. 

Today, many schools are shifting their focus from prohibiting the use of mobile devices on campus, to embracing a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) environment.  When allowed to use their own devices, students are much more efficient.  BYOD is a way to enhance teaching and learning, improve student engagement, improve operational efficiencies, encourage collaboration, and expand the capabilities of existing technology infrastructures.

Students are not required to bring in a personally owned device; however, they are strongly encouraged to participate if possible.  A personally owned device is one of many learning support materials like textbooks, pencils, and notebooks, although these devices are more costly.  Arrangements can be made for students who cannot bring a personal device to use a district-owned device while at school as deemed necessary for instructional purposes. Students who do not bring their own device may be asked to share school-owned devices, depending on classroom needs.

Dripping Springs ISD teachers and staff have received training in technology use, instructional strategies for on-line learning, and Internet safety in preparation for this initiative. Some teachers at the secondary level already have introduced lessons where students have used their phones and other devices for research and other exercises.

As DSISD embarks down this new path, additional questions likely will arise. The district and/or campus will address issues and develop workable solutions as needed. The support of parents is appreciated as this valuable aspect of 21st Century learning is incorporated into Dripping Springs classrooms.

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